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  1. How Do I Turn Off Dictation In OS X?
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If a language supports it, you can add vocabulary terms to ensure that specialized words or phrases are entered correctly when you use Voice Control. For example:.

How Do I Turn Off Dictation In OS X?

For example, you see formatting commands while in a Pages document, but not while in System Preferences. Most Voice Control commands are enabled by default.

You can disable commands or create your own commands to suit your needs. However, the VoiceOver feature is not at all helpful for those who are fortunately blessed with the ability to see well. Apart from making the Mac speak endlessly, the VoiceOver feature also limits your ability to use the Mac by placing an annoying thick black line around everything that you select on your screen.


How to Turn Off VoiceOver On Mac

Let us take a look at how to stop your Mac from speaking by turning off the VoiceOver feature on your Mac. It is really easy to stop Mac from speaking, in case you accidentally enabled VoiceOver on your Mac or enabled this feature out of curiosity. To stop your Mac from speaking, simply hold down the Command Key and then tap on the F5 Key on the keyboard of your Mac. In Catalina, you can use the new Enter Picture in Picture option to create a floating window with video playing.

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For a while now, Macs with built-in Touch ID have been able to authenticate with their fingerprints rather than typing passwords. Catalina extends support for biometric authentication to unlocked Apple Watches.

Maybe someday. A classic QuickTime feature makes its return in Catalina with the Open Image Sequence command, which lets you open a collection of still images and convert them into a video file.

macOS Mojave For Dummies

This is a feature that would be great for making a movie out of a burst of photos, a time lapse, or even a series of drawings. You can choose the resolution, frame rate, and encoding formats. Catalina and iOS 13 both include some pretty incredible new technology that lets you find missing devices more easily.

You can read more about how this is implemented in this Wired article. In the new Find My app, you can locate your device, and even mark it as lost, or remotely erase it.

The basics

And of course, you can now find your devices—and your friends—right from your Mac via the new Find My app, which lets you mark devices as lost, see their last known locations, and also alert you when a friend leaves or arrives at particular locations.

Apple has moved iOS device management out of iTunes which is now gone!

In Catalina, Apple has locked down more of the system to protect users from potential malware. Unfortunately, sometimes these changes can get in the way of you being able to run the software that you want to run.