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How to hide recent apps in your Mac’s Dock
  1. How to add apps to the Dock on Mac
  2. How to Remove Dock Icons in OS X Mountain Lion & Mavericks
  3. Dropbox support reps don't seem to know how Dropbox for Mac works.

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This is the trick that I often use to remove the files from the macOS desktop instantly is the Terminal command. Step 1. Launch Terminal app on your Mac. Simply search it in the Spotlight and open it. Step 4.

Remove Those Pesky Default Apps From The Dock For Fun And Profit [OS X Tips]

Next up, hit the enter key. First off, download HiddenMe on your computer and launch it.

Step 2. Now, check out a circle icon in the menu bar. Click on it and then select Hide Desktop Icons. Now, all the files will go away from the screen. If you want to bring them back, click on the circle icon and then select Show Desktop Icons. Note: if you ever want to remove the HiddenMe icon from the menu bar, click on it and select Quit.

And I think you probably already know about it. Alternately, you can drag the unwanted icons to Trash to remove them. Don't worry, though. Removing apps from the dock is not the same as uninstalling apps. The process of removing applications and documents from the Dock has changed a bit over the years.

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Various versions of OS X and the newer macOS added their own subtle take on how an app should be deleted from the Dock. But no matter which version of OS you're using, we have the goods on how to get rid of an app, folder, or document you no longer wish to have resident in your Dock.

How to add apps to the Dock on Mac

The Finder icon, usually located on the far left of the Dock when the Dock is in the default location at the bottom of your display , and the Trash icon, located on the far right, are permanent members of the Dock. There's also a separator a vertical line or dotted line icon that marks where apps end and documents, folders, and other items begin in the Dock.

The separator should also be left in the Dock. One of the important concepts to understand about the Dock is that it doesn't actually hold an app or document. Instead, the Dock contains aliases , represented by an item's icon. And there's a good chance that any documents in your Dock are taking up residence somewhere within your home folder.

Removing an app or a document from the Dock doesn't cause the item to be deleted from your Mac; it only removes the icon and alias from the Dock. No matter which version of OS X you're using, removing a Dock icon is an easy process, though you need to be aware of a subtle difference between OS X versions. Quit the application, if it's currently open.

How to Remove Dock Icons in OS X Mountain Lion & Mavericks

On by default, it lets you get to a recently-used app with a click. Thankfully, you can hide this section at any time in order to make your Dock appear less crowded. The right section contains your Trash and Downloads folder icons, plus any files or folders you drag there. Mojave adds a third section situated between app shortcuts on the left and your Trash along with other items on the right.

Dropbox support reps don't seem to know how Dropbox for Mac works.

Naturally, you cannot remove icons from Recents manually because the section is updated dynamically as you launch and quit apps. Open apps are denoted with a dot below the icon turn off in Dock settings. Pro users may find Recents an unnecessary waste of space yours truly falls in that category.