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I decide to create a small script which will do my job and help others to save some time.

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Therefore, Fell free to use it…. Latest Version of Backtrack I tried and it was working is 5 R2. Let me know if this work for you or not or if you have an improvement to make…fell free to modify…but do not forget to give credit to author. Netstumbler is a network discovery program for Windows. It is free. Netstumbler has become one of the most popular programs for wardriving and wireless reconnaissance, although it has a disadvantage.

It can be detected easily by most wireless intrusion detection systems , because it actively probes a network to collect information. Netstumbler has integrated support for a GPS unit. With this support, Netstumbler displays GPS coordinate information next to the information about each discovered network, which can be useful for finding specific networks again after having sorted out collected data. The latest release of Netstumbler is of 1 April It can also track the strength of the signals and show them in a time graph.

Wireshark is a packet sniffer and network traffic analyser that can run on all popular operating systems, but support for the capture of wireless traffic is limited. It is free and open source. Decoding and analysing wireless traffic is not the foremost function of Wireshark, but it can give results that cannot be obtained with programs.

Wireshark requires sufficient knowledge of the network protocols to obtain a full analysis of the traffic, however. The company started with the Handheld Analyser, which was very suitable for surveying sites where wireless networks were deployed as well as for finding rogue access points. The Laptop Analyser was released because the hand-held product was impractical for the reconnaissance of wide areas. These commercial analysers probably offer the best combination of powerful analysis and simple user interface. However, they are not as well adapted to the needs of a wardriver as some of the free programs.

It runs best on Android version 5.

Airopeek is a packet sniffer and network traffic analyser made by Wildpackets. This commercial program supports Windows and works with most wireless network interface cards. It has become the industrial standard for capturing and analysing wireless traffic. However, like Wireshark, Airopeek requires thorough knowledge of the protocols to use it to its ability.

KisMac is a program for the discovery of wireless networks that runs on the OS X operating system.

Wi-Fi Crack

There are two basic types of vulnerabilities associated with WLANs: those caused by poor configuration and those caused by poor encryption. Poor configuration causes many vulnerabilities. Wireless networks are often put into use with no or insufficient security settings. With no security settings — the default configuration — access is obtained simply by association. Poor encryption causes the remaining vulnerabilities. WEP was the encryption standard firstly available for wireless networks. It can be deployed in 64 and bit strength.

Cracking WEP keys with KisMac

The researchers found that of the possible 16 million initialisation vectors can be considered weak, and collecting enough of them allows the determination of the encryption key. To crack the WEP key in most cases, 5 million encrypted packets must be captured to collect about weak initialisation vectors.

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In some cases vectors will do, in some other cases more than are needed for success. This procedure is then repeated for the remaining bytes of the key. The chopping attack chops the last byte off from the captured encrypted packets. When all 8 bits of the removed byte were zero, the CRC of the shortened packet is made valid again by manipulation of the last four bytes. The manipulated packet can then be retransmitted. This method enables the determination of the key by collecting unique initialisation vectors. The main problem with both the FMS attack and the chopping attack is that capturing enough packets can take weeks or sometimes months.

Hacking WiFi Passwords with KisMAC - KisMAC

Fortunately, the speed of capturing packets can be increased by injecting packets into the network. One or more Address Resolution Protocol ARP packets are usually collected to this end, and then transmitted to the access point repeatedly until enough response packets have been captured. ARP packets are a good choice because they have a recognizable size of 28 bytes.

Waiting for a legitimate ARP packet can take awhile. ARP packets are most commonly transmitted during an authentication process. Rather than waiting for that, sending a deauthentication frame that pushes a client off the network will require that client to reauthenticate. This often creates an ARP packet. This can be captured during a legitimate authentication, or a reauthentication can be forced by sending deauthentication packets to clients. Secondly, each word of a word-list must be hashed with the Hashed Message Authentication Code — Secure Hash Algorithm 1 and two so called nonce values, along with the MAC address of the client that asked for authentication and the MAC address of the access point that gave authentication.

Word-lists can be found at. LEAP can be cracked with a dictionary attack. The attack involves capturing an authentication sequence and then comparing the last two bytes of a captured response with those generated with a word-list. The security of authentication servers is often neglected. Aircrack-ng consists of components.

Airmon-ng configures the wireless network card. Airodump-ng captures the frames. Aireplay-ng generates traffic. Aircrack-ng does the cracking, using the data collected by airodump-ng. Finally, airdecap-ng decrypts all packets that were captured. Thus, aircrack-ng is the name of the suite and also of one of the components. It runs on Linux. The program is started using a command-line interface , specifying a word-list that contains the passphrase, a dump file that contains the four-way EAPOL handshake, and the SSID of the network. Void11 is a program that deauthenticates clients.

MAC address filtering can be used alone as an ineffective security measure, or in combination with encryption. It runs on Windows. Penetration testing of a wireless network is often a stepping stone for penetration testing of the internal network. The wireless network then serves as a so-called entry vector. A 'wireless' sniffer can find IP addresses , which is helpful for network mapping.

Access points usually connect the nodes of a wireless network to a wired network as a bridge or a router. Finding relevant and reachable IP addresses is the objective of the reconnaissance phase of attacking an organization over the Internet. This is called footprinting.

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  • A search engine is the key for finding as much information as possible about a target. For instance, a web server must be accessible. Many organizations additionally have email servers , FTP servers, and other systems that must be accessible over the internet. If one IP address has been found, the rest probably can be found around it. Name servers store tables that show how domain names must be translated to IP addresses and vice versa. When the word help is entered at NSLookup's prompt, a list of all commands is given. It displays a list of options when invoked with the option -h only.

    And the command host reverses IP addresses to hostnames. All have a website with which their databases can be searched for the owner of an IP address. Some of the Registries respond to a search for the name of an organization with a list of all IP address ranges that are assigned to the name. However, the records of the Registries are not always correct and are in most cases useless. This protocol has become more popular over the last years because of a decrease of available IP addresses and an increase of large networks that are dynamic.

    DHCP is particularly important when many employees take a portable computer from one office to another. The NAT device is a gateway between the local network and the internet. Seen from the internet, the NAT device seems to be a single host. Some IP address ranges are reserved for private networks. These ranges are typically used for the local area network behind a NAT device, and they are: The relevant IP addresses must be narrowed down to those that are reachable.

    For this purpose, the process of scanning enters on the scene. Once access to a wireless network has been gained, it is helpful to determine the network's topology, including the names of the computers connected to the network. Nmap can be used for this, which is available in a Windows and a Linux version. However, Nmap does not provide the user with a network diagram.